Truck & BUS Bluetooth Wheel Aligner

Use of finest raw material helps us in bringing forth exceptional products. Due to this very fact, we make use of only quality raw materials procured from trusted sources. Designed to brave shipping and handling related damages, our packaging materials are industrial grade and keep the products protected. Thus, ensuring products remain brand new.

Features :

  • 6CCD Aligner/ 8CCD Aligner.
  • Bluetooth transmission between front heads and cabinet for faster information transfer.
  • Special supports on the side of the control unit permit housing and recharging the measuring-head batteries.
  • Data-management and display program in windows environment.
  • De luxe cabinet with 19 flat screen.
  • Data bank with vehicle data sheets already entered and further blank sheets to be filled.
  • Customer Data bank for recording jobs with search by customer name or vehicle plate number.
  • Big wheels for easy movement inside the workshop.
  • Drawer to store accessories.

Technical Data :

  • Accuracy Total Measuring Rang
  • Front Axle
  • Total Toe +/-3 +/-5
  • Partial toe +/-1.3
  • Set-back +/-3
  • Camber +/-3
  • Caster +/-5
  • King pin +/-5


Model Number WA-40