Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

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Features :

  • Automatic Vacuum.
  • Automatic Nitrogen Inflation.
  • LCD Display.
  • Nitrogen Purity Indicator.

Benefit Of Nitrogen Gas in tyre :

  • Nitrogen gas does not expand due to heat, therefore, in summer or at high speed, the tyre does not expand or burst due to increase in temperature.
  • The Nitrogen Gas does not contract due to low temperature. Thus the tyre rubber does not contract. Therefore the life of tyre rubber increases. Due to rubber softness the breaking of tyre is improved and the tyre does not skid or make noise on turns.
  • Nitrogen Gas avoids oxidation of the rubber being a dry gas. Thus avoids rusting of the steel rim also.
  • Due to stable nature of the nitrogen gas ,it does not exert ant internal pressure. Therefore, in case of puncture, the nitrogen gas escapes very slowly from the tyre thus giving more time to drive a punctured tyre.
  • Usage of nitrogen gas increase the tyre life by 20-25% and fuel saving by 6-10%.


Model Number Nitro - A