High Ceiling Two Post Lift

Electro Hydraulic 2 post lift is imported from Korea. It is available in 2 models considering the height of ceiling. The lift is manufactured with advance technology, High precision CNC machining with high grid steel. The hydraulic power unit delivers uniform pressure for a smooth lift. Oiled Nylon rollers guide the movement of the carriage along the column achieving smooth and steady lifting with low noise. The lift is equipped with failing prevention lock. The steel rope helps in maintaining carriage at the same level. The lift has low maintenance and long working life.

Technical Details :

  • Capacity - 4082Kgs
  • Overall Height -3642mm
  • Shut off Height - 3499mm
  • Front Arm Reach 711mm -1054 mm
  • Rear Arm Reach 800mm - 1137mm
  • Over Floor Width -3353mm
  • Inside column Width - 2769mm
  • Drive Through - 2515mm
  • Power - 3phase
  • Motor - 2.2KW