AC Gas Charging Machine

With the complete help and support of our team members, we deliver product that is certified and in compliance with the standards. It is due to our guarantee of providing damage-free products to the clients; we are highly in demand amongst the buyers. Our packaging experts keep a stringent check on the entire packing procedure ensuring the same.

Features :

  • Automatically recycle remaining refrigerant.
  • After treatment, the recycled remaining accords with SAE standard.
  • Automatically separate and drain A/C system oil.
  • Electro-magnetic valve controls the adding of A/C system oil.
  • Automatically treats the incondensable gases in refrigerant.
  • Electronic balance measure the recycled and recharged refrigerant during the whole process.
  • After one set up. The whole process of vacuuming and recharging of the refrigerant will be completed automatically.
  • The pressure and temperature comparing table can tell if automobile air conditioner operates property.

Characteristics :

  • The whole process in controlled by micro-computer, electro-magnetic valve design prevents damage from liquid flow.
  • Fast and convenient self-sealing connections.
  • Automatically reminding of problem checking and alarming, present operation states and daily maintenance.

Technical Data :

  • Recovery Speed - 4.1 Gm/Sec
  • Vacuum Speed - 2.0 ltr/Sec
  • Recycle Speed - 8.0Gm/Sec
  • Charging Speed - 22Gm/Sec
  • Tank capacity - 10 kg
  • Drier filter capacity - 68 kg
  • Scale Accuracy - +/- 1 gm